Central Depository Company has been making continuous efforts towards achieving streamlined capital market operations while also ensuring security and transparency of the settlement process. In line with these efforts, some procedural changes have been made with respect to transfer of book-entry securities directly from the Investor Account to the target account in the Central Depository System (CDS), as a result of the automation of securities transfer project.


In this regard, IAS Account Holders are requested to ensure input of the following additional  information on the T.O. leaf from December 20, 2010 onwards:

S.No. Details of Information
1 Target Account Number
2 Unique Identification Number (UIN) of either the Principal Account Holder or any of the Joint Account Holder of the targeted account.
3 Reason code of transaction.

With reference to providing the information as per the new requirement, clients are requested to continue using the T.O. Book issued to them and write the Target Account Number in place of IAS Account number and provide reason code and UIN (where applicable) at the extreme right bottom of T.O. leaf within the Signatures field. For the future, the required fields have been provisioned in the new design of T.O. books.