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CDC access – Web enables Investor Account Holders to access their account information through, anytime, anywhere in the world, seven days a week, throughout the year. Only a speedy and efficient Internet connection is required. Through CDC Access – Web, you can access the following information:

My Profile

Registration Details of your Investor Account

Account Balances

(For any given date)

  • Securities Balance – Balance of securities held in your account
  • Cash Balance – Cash available in your account for transactions

Account Activities

(For any given period)

  • Securities Activity – Detail of securities’ movement pertaining to your account
  • Cash Activity – Detail of cash deposited and cash consumption for transactions pertaining to your account
  • Pledgor Balance / Activity Report – Detail of securities pledged in your account and their subsequent ‘Call’ or ‘Release’ by the respective Pledgee

Other Reports

  • Deposit Report – Detail of deposit of physical certificates in your account for conversion to electronic book-entry form
  • Withdrawal Report – Detail of withdrawal of securities from your account in the form of physical certificates
  • Billing Information – Detail of amount charged against transactions & other services pertaining to your account

Service Request

  • Service Request Status – Detail of services requested by you and their status
  • New Service Request – Facility to make service requests pertaining to your account, like changes in Registration Details or request for a new Transaction Order (T.O) Book, etc.

General Information

  • Securities List Price – List of CDS Live securities with their closing market value as of the last trading day of the  previous month, at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. (basis for calculating ‘Custody Fee’ according to IAS Schedule of Fees)
  • Corporate Action Diary – Detail of Bonuses, Right Issues, Cash Dividends, Mergers and other Corporate Announcements
  • Notices & Circulars – General CDC-related updates

Note: Upon activation of your CDC Access – Web account, a password will be sent to you on the email address provided by you in the Investor or Sub-Account Opening Form, which you can use to access your account.