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In the past two decades, Central Depository Company has evolved as the infrastructure backbone and the Ultimate Custodian of the Pakistan Capital Market. Established as a securities depository, CDC is the sole entity handling the electronic (paperless) settlement of transactions carried out at the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Through efficient functioning of CDC, all the market settlement is in book entry form. As per the Companies Act, 2017, CDC holds the status of Public Interest Company & Large Sized Company since it holds assets of general public in fiduciary capacity.

We are regulated by SECP and have offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. CDC is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management and ISO/IEC 22301:2012 certified for its Business Continuity Management Program. It is also an Approved Employer by ACCA, ICAP, ICMAP, ICAEW and CIMA.

CDC is a member of Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG), which is an international organization facilitating the exchange of information, promoting mutual assistance among member securities depositories and clearing organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Late Mr. Muhammad Hanif Jakhura, CEO-CDC (2002-2017) was elected as the Executive Committee Chairman of ACG for the term of 2014-2016. By virtue of this election, CDC served as ACG Secretariat for the same term. Mr. Aftab Ahmed Diwan, CEO-CDC (2017-2018) served as the Vice Chairman of ACG Executive Committee and represented the Asia Pacific region on the board of World Forum of CSDs (WFC) which is a group of five regional CSD associations that include Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East, the Americas, Eurasia and Europe.

Primarily, CDC’s function was to operate the Central Depository System (CDS) for all financial instruments traded in Pakistan Capital Market. However, with the ever growing need for efficient and technology driven mechanisms in other markets and industries, we have diversified our business beyond the traditional depository domain. Our services portfolio is as follows:

Investor Account Services

  • Launched in 1999
  • Allows the retail and corporate investor to open and maintain custody accounts directly with CDC. (Learn more)

Trustee and Custodial Services

  • Launched in 2002
  • Serves as a Trustee to Open-end and Closed-end Mutual Funds and Voluntary Pension Schemes. (Learn more)

CDC Share Registrar Services Limited (Wholly owned subsidiary of CDC)

  • Launched in 2008
  • Provides share issuing companies state-of-the-art facilities of registrar and transfer agents, including customer dealing on behalf of the companies. (Learn more)

ITMinds Limited (Wholly owned subsidiary of CDC)

  • Launched in 2009
  • Provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services which include provision of back office accounting functions to the Mutual Fund industry. (Learn more)

Centralized Information Sharing Solution for Insurance Industry (CISSII)

(Developed and managed by CDC Pakistan)
  • Launched in 2014
  • Offers online information sharing solution for the insurance industry. It allows insurance companies to share information such as acceptance of claims, postponed or declined risks, malpractices of agents and group life claims experience for the purpose of achieving greater efficiency and transparency in the industry. (Learn more)

eServices (Learn more)

  • Launched in 2017
  • A customer convenience initiative by CDC, in the form of a web portal offering the following free-of-cost facilities:
    • Centralized eIPO System: Applications for subscription of shares offered to general public can be made electronically and payments can be made by Internet/Mobile banking, ATMs etc., avoiding the hassle of physical submission of IPO application and visiting the bank.
    • eDividend Repository: Provides investors consolidated data of all their cash benefits due and credited by issuers, and in case their dividends have not been credited, the reason for non-disbursement of dividend will also be available.