Public Comments and CDC Response Papers

Public Comments and CDC Response Papers

Public Comments and CDC Response Papers

Public Comments

CDC Notification No.

Opening Date

Closing Date



04 of 2021

May 04, 2021

May 11, 2021

Amendments in the Schedule of Fees for Investor Account Services


03 of 2021

April 22, 2021

April 29, 2021

Proposed amendments in the CDC Regulations relating to Settlement of Listed Debt Securities by the Market Maker


02 of 2021

March 26, 2021

April 02, 2021

Amendments in the Schedule of Fees & Deposits


01 of 2021

March 11, 2021

March 18, 2021

Proposed amendments in the CDC Regulations relating to Various Matter



  1. CDC invites the interested parties to provide their comments and views, with specific reference to the subject matter of the proposed amendments to CDC Regulations notified via notices, through any of the following modes.



The Chief Compliance Officer,
Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
CDC House, 99-B, Block ‘B’,
S.M.C.H.S., Main Shahra-e-Faisal,
Karachi-74400, Pakistan

  1. At the time of submission of comments, respondent is advised to provide the information, as per Table-A below, so that CDC may contact him/her for clarification or deliberation on the comments, if needed. Anonymous responses may be disregarded by CDC.

Table A

To Be Filed By The Respondent

Name of respondent

Account No.


Name of company (if applicable)

Designation (if applicable)

Contact Number

Email Address

  1. The respondent may request confidential treatment for his/ her identity and all or any part of comments due to their proprietary, confidential or commercial nature, by clearly marking the information in Table-B below:

Table B

Disclosure of Identity and Comments

Please check the box(es) if you wish to be remain confidential:

    1. I wish to have my identity remain confidential.
    2. I wish to keep all or any part of my comments confidential.

If respondent wishes to keep any part(s) of comments confidential, then he/she is required to clearly specify such part(s) of comments.

  1. To ensure quality and promote transparency, CDC will publish the relevant comments of respondents and its management’s response thereon in the form of a Response Paper on its website, within a reasonable timeframe, after close of public consultation session, unless the respondent has made a confidentiality request.
  2. Any policy or rule amendment may be subject to regulatory concurrence. For this purpose, respondents should note that notwithstanding any confidentiality request, CDC will share all their response(s) with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Apex Regulator).
  3. By submitting comments, respondents are deemed to have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of data that is provided to CDC, unless respondents wish to have their identity or comments remain confidential.