Author: Raja Ali

ICMAP delegation visits CDC House

A team from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMA) visited CDC House recently. The ICMAP delegation comprised of Mr. Aamir Ijaz Khan, Executive Director ICMA and Mr. Asim Husain Khan, Head of Members’ Professional Development & Corporate Trainings, ICMA and Mr. Kamran Alauddin, Manager at CDC and part of the Member Council at ICMAP who came and congratulated Mr. Badiuddin Akber upon his appointment as CEO of Central Depository Company.

The delegation discussed on the importance of knowledge sharing between institutions to better comprehend the direction of the economy of Pakistan. They further spoke regarding mutual collaboration between CDC and ICMA in the future and discussed avenues where both institutions can join forces to deliver synergetic performance.

SECP Chairman visits CDC House

Chairman SECP, Mr. Farrukh H. Sabzwari, recently visited CDC House on Thursday, January 17, 2019. Mr. Sabzwari was accompanied by Mr. Shauzab Ali, Commissioner Securities Market Division, International Relations Department and Specialized Companies Division (Supervision & Enforcement Department), SECP and Ms. Musarat Jabeen, Executive Director, SECP.


Welcomed by Mr. Badiuddin Akber, CEO – CDC, the visiting delegation met with the senior management and the Board of Directors of CDC. The Chairman SECP was acquainted with the initiatives undertaken by CDC and the pressing issues coiling the Pakistan Capital Market. Special emphasis was laid on investor protection and awareness as well as parameters that are being observed to deliver security and transparency. In addition to this, CDC’s IT infrastructure was put under discussion and efforts were displayed that are undertaken to create a topnotch, fully functional Information Security Management System (ISMS).

CDC awarded IPO Market Innovation Award for second consecutive year

In recognition of its efforts to address the issue of low investor participation in IPOs in Pakistan, CDC has been recently awarded, for the second time, the IPO Market Innovation Award 2017-2018 at SAFE-PSX Pakistan IPO SUMMIT 2018, held in Lahore. Mr. Aftab Ahmed Diwan, CEO-CDC received this award from Governor Punjab, Mr. Muhammad Sarwar.

CDC understands the needs of Pakistan Capital Market investors and has always been committed to adopt new approaches and mechanisms for their growth and convenience. In line to this commitment, CDC is working towards the launch of IPO Facilitation Account (IFA) which will cater to the needs of those investors who do not apply in any IPOs due to the hassle of opening CDS account while it is not certain if their application will be declared successful in the balloting results.

This will also facilitate those investors who end up subscribing shares in physical form. With the introduction of IFA, investors will be able to easily participate in IPOs and can open CDS account only when their application is declared successful.

US Consul General visits CDC House

A delegation from the U.S. Consulate General Karachi, comprising of Consul General JoAnne Wagner and her economic team, visited CDC on August 13, 2018. The key stakeholders of capital market and corporate leaders, also representing the American Business Council, along with the board members of CDC attended this breakfast event.

Mr. Moin M. Fudda, Chairman of the Board of Directors – CDC, welcomed the delegation and stressed upon the importance of Pakistan Capital Market and stronger ties between the U.S. and Pakistani companies. Mr. Aftab Ahmed Diwan, CEO-CDC, gave a detailed presentation on the contributions and achievements of CDC and its vital role in the development of Pakistan Capital Market.

Consul General Wagner highlighted past successes of the U.S.-Pakistan partnership in Sindh and Baluchistan and sought suggestions for future engagements with Karachi’s business community that can potentially strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries and build upon the current $6.4 billion two-way trade that benefits both American and Pakistani citizens.

CDC formally launches its official presence on Social Media platforms

Social media serves as the face of businesses and organizations in today’s digitally connected world. The technology is under constant transformation, promoting connectivity and networking. Social networking is now among the fastest growing industries on a global scale. Be it consumer-centric or industry-focused, companies that do not utilize this effective source miss out on incredible marketing opportunities and the ability to reach their audience. Anyone with an access to technology and the internet is most certainly updated and harnessing the power of these remarkable platforms.

In line with the continuous strive of adopting latest technology and innovation in its efforts to modernize the capital market, CDC has formally launched its official presence on mainstream social media. As it continues to broaden its outreach, the objective is to create a community on these platforms and increase public understanding and awareness about opportunities & risks associated with investing in the stock market and CDC’s contribution towards the development of the Pakistan Capital Market.

The campaigns will encompass CDC’s corporate image, critical advice on investor protection and awareness, our latest products and services as well as announcements about the latest happenings regarding our business, organization and market.

We urge and encourage our readers who are active on social media platforms to come together and show their support by joining our online community.

CDC launches Digital Account Opening solution to facilitate Investors

CDC is spearheading the digitization drive for market processes in order to make investing experience convenient for Pakistan Capital Market investors. CDC has been constantly launching novel digital solutions like eIPO, eDividend Repository etc. to facilitate investors and transform Capital Market processes, making them more accessible, efficient and convenient.

In line with this continuous endeavor, CDC has launched its Digital Account Opening solution. Through this facility, stock market investors are now able to fill the account opening form online and download the same once completely validated by CDC personnel. This new digital solution will help eliminate the need for multiple visits by investors to CDC premises for the purpose of opening an account with CDC.

Investors are provided with real-time tooltips regarding the essentials of filling the account opening form, limiting the potential of discrepancies and errors. After successful completion of the online form, investors are required to visit CDC House only once for In-Person Verification (IPV).

CDC is also working on a model through which investors will be provided the option of fulfilling their IPV requirement remotely, avoiding the hassle of visiting CDC offices. The above solution is available initially for opening of CDC IAS Account only. In the second phase of the project, this facility will be extended for opening of CDC Sub-Account as well. More details are available at