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Awareness Sessions

 November 28, 2019  /   Blog  /   no responses  Comments

In line with its vision to promote capital market awareness and help increase the investor base, CDC organized the following awareness sessions in this quarter (Oct – Dec 2019) in different cities of Pakistan:

City Venue
Islamabad ISE Towers
Lahore LSE Auditorium
Karachi CDC House
Rawalpindi Blue Lagoon
Faisalabad Hotel One
Karachi ICMA Pakistan

Awareness session on Tax-Filing with ease

CDC always strives to promote financial awareness by educating both capital market participants and the general public. In accordance with its vision to play an active part in facilitating Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan and creating a financially aware citizen base, CDC arranged an awareness session on “Tax Filing with ease” in collaboration with “BeFiler” which is a joint venture of renowned tax advisors. The session, held at CDC House on the 23rd of November 2019, was designed to enlighten participants—especially those belonging to the salaried class—as to how they can simplify their tax filing process without engaging expensive tax consultants. The session, which was a full-house and also broadcasted live as a webinar, was very well-received by the participants who were eager to learn the basics of the tax-filing process. The participants appreciated CDC’s initiative and commitment for the promotion of financial literacy in Pakistan.

Participant Awareness sessions

In continuation of its efforts to create awareness among the capital market participants, especially with reference to both the existing and new facilities offered by itself, CDC organized a number of awareness sessions. These sessions were specially designed to discuss in detail the features of the Zakat Repository, a new facility offered by CDC, so that participants can play an active role in making it a success. The details of these sessions are as follows:




Introduction of the Zakat Repository System

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

CDC Lahore Branch, LSE Plaza

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

ISE Towers Auditorium, Islamabad

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