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CDC launches Free of Cost eStatement and eAlert facilities for CDS Account Holders

 March 31, 2011  /   Blog  /   no responses  Comments

In order to ensure more transparency by keeping investors constantly updated of their investment portfolio in CDS, Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC) has launched two free of cost facilities, namely eStatement and eAlerts facilities for its customers.


These value-added facilities will ensure added convenience to CDS Account Holders by keeping them constantly updated about their account information via email. While eStatements has already been launched for Investor Account Holders, eAlerts is an added feature for both Investor & Sub Account Holders.


By opting for eStatements, CDS Account Holders will be able to receive their Account Balance Statements through email on their registered email addresses. While through eAlerts they will be able to receive real time transaction alerts in their email inbox. CDC has strongly urged its CDS Account Holders to register their email addresses with their respective Participant [stock broker] or CDC [in case of IAS] to avail these services.


While CDS Account Holders have a choice for opting for eStatements on a monthly or quarterly basis, eAlerts will be sent on specific transactions, such as, Transfer of securities from the account, Intimation of securities pledged from the account, Intimation of withdrawal request and Intimation of Subscription of Right Shares.


CDC, being a customer-centric organization, has always been pro-active towards providing quality services to its clients. In this day and age where accurate and timely information is the key to strategic decision making, CDC has been perceptive of this need and has over the years implemented state-of-the-art customer convenience channels under the brand of CDC Access to ensure that up-to-date account information is provided to clients. CDC Access has SMS alerts, Web and IVR services under its umbrella. CDC hopes that by implementing such value driven services it can better serve the market while bringing transparency in the overall market processes.

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