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CDC’s Measures for Business Continuity during Lockdown

 March 17, 2020  /   Blog  /   no responses  Comments

As countries, communities and businesses combat with the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of the established organizations have implemented ‘Work from Home’ policy, trying their best to resume or continue their business operations while maintaining safety protocols, most importantly ‘Social Distancing’.

At CDC, this challenging situation proved to be a Litmus Test for the Business Continuity preparations that were made for most of the last two decades to ensure that critical business operations continue even in times of disaster. With the continued guidance of the CDC Board of Directors and under the leadership of CEO-CDC, Mr. Badiuddin Akber, the following three-tier strategy was devised by the Senior Management of the Company:

  1. Prioritizing Safety and Well-Being of CDC Staff by implementing ‘Work from Home’ Policy for 90% workforce. Only vital and critical staff attends office with safety and social distancing protocols in place.
  2. Ensuring the Continuity of Services of CDC’s Core Business Lines – Depository Services and Trustee & Custodial Services along with wholly owned subsidiaries i.e. CDC Share Registrar Services Limited and ITMinds Limited (Back Office Accounting Services).
  3. Guaranteeing continuation of Critical Operations for Stock Market, Mutual Funds and Insurance Industry.

Additional Support to Pakistan Capital Market stakeholders and investors

  1. Pakistan Stock Exchange is being facilitated to jointly perform business activities utilizing CDC’s BCP site as well as secure technological standards for accomplishing critical market operations.
  2. IT Desktop Support and Technical Assistance has been provided to account holders and the general public.
  3. CDC’s Digital Services Portfolio remains available to both organizations and individuals to help them undertake routine business activity from the safety of their homes.
  4. CDC’s Customer Support Services continue to provide assistance through Call Center.
  5. CDC’s corporate website ( and Social Media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are being constantly updated with information about precautionary measures to combat COVID-19 and available online facilities & tools by CDC to undertake business activities.

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