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CDC’s Trusteeship assets exceed Rs. 500 Billion

 January 1, 2015  /   Blog  /   no responses  Comments

In 2002, CDC launched its Trustee and Custodial services, serving only one AMC with two mutual funds; having net assets of Rs. 500 Million. Since then, it has been a long, challenging and rewarding ride for CDC’s T&C services.  Over a span of these 13 years, CDC’s T&C services gained momentum and transformed into a well-established, highly respected, and most preferred service provider in the trustee and custodial services domain.


Recently, CDC’s T&C service attained the net assets benchmark of Rs. 500 billion. This journey of 500 Million to 500 Billion was filled with many road blocks; one being the great crises of 2008, due to which, investors’ confidence in Pakistan Capital Market was severely shaken. CDC not only stood its ground but moved forward with a vision, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” CDC’s combined efforts along with several government initiatives and regulatory polices brought the Pakistan Capital Market back to life and it has been growing since then. Surviving and overcoming such obstacles provided CDC with opportunities to strengthen customers’ trust & grow while doing so. Today, CDC has the biggest trustee portfolio in Pakistan and enjoys a 95% share of the total market, reflecting long term vision & unmatched competitiveness.


Currently, CDC has 21 leading AMCs on board with a wide variety of 157 funds based on both equity and money market products; including Shares, Debt Securities, Commodities and Government Bonds. As far as future endeavors are concerned, CDC is continuously being tapped by existing; as well as, prospective clients, who want to acquire CDC’s T&C services for their upcoming products. Arif Habib REIT scheme is one such example amongst many.

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