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 December 25, 2019  /   Blog  /   no responses  Comments

Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Times

Year 2020 has changed the scope of the way we perceived life, safety, work and business and most of all, survival. While the whole world is fighting to find ways to resume normal life, these are indeed challenging times.

These are indeed extraordinary times, which call for extraordinary measures. While developed countries are combating hard to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic, it is indeed a challenge for Pakistan, its government, corporates and citizens to fight with this disease. But when human lives are at stake, it is an even bigger challenge to continue business. And some businesses are not just a commercial enterprise, they are essential services like ours.

At CDC, we have always believed that we are the Custodians of People’s Assets which is a huge responsibility. These people have trusted us and may need their Assets any time, especially during the current unpredictable situation.  Hence, it is all the more important for us to continue our operations so that people can utilize their assets whenever they want. As the Ultimate Custodian, this is our primary responsibility.

Organizations that prepared for unforeseen circumstances in good times seem to have survived or pull through in this first-of-its-kind situation. For the past many years, Business Continuity Management Planning remains in continuous focus at CDC and now we are reaping its benefits. However, at CDC, the efforts for Business Continuity were not only focused on our own business. As an Infrastructure Institution, the continuity of our clients’ operations was equally important.

Hence, for us the responsibility was twofold, to ensure that while our own business continues, our clients also receive seamless service from our side. While the staff of organizations from the Pakistan Capital Market work from home, everyone easily connects with all CDC systems and perform their day to day transactions with the same ease of working from their office due to efforts made by CDC for business continuity in times of tranquility.

I take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to all our stakeholders, clients and other key infrastructure institutions for their constant support and trust. While CDC’s Board of Directors continued to provide their guidance, CDC’s Management and employees showed an unrelenting commitment and resolve to keep it going no matter what the circumstances are.

Let’s hope that this pandemic goes away soon from the whole world, life comes back to normal and businesses resume, inshaa Allah.

Stay Safe!

Badiuddin Akber

Chief Executive Officer

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