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Account Opening

Investor Account is directly opened and maintained with Central Depository Company (CDC) similar to the Sub-Account maintained with Participants. Investor Account Holders have complete control over securities and can move securities and perform transaction in the similar fashion performed through Commercial Banks. To open an account, investors need to fill out the Investor Account Opening Form available at the customer support counters at CDC offices or download it from CDC website.

Transaction Processing

Deposit of Physical Securities

As physical securities are not traded in the market, therefore securities are required to be converted into electronic form. It’s a two-step transaction, initiated by IAS and forwarded to the respective R/TA. Upon approval by R/TA, securities become available in relevant Investor Account.


  • Duly filled and signed Securities Deposit Form.
  • Physical certificate should be in the name of IAS Account Holder (Title/Joint Account Holder) with verified transfer deed.
  • Share transfer stamps as per the prevailing rate.
  • Valid CNIC/NICOP/Passport copy of shareholder.
  • For charges, please refer tariff schedule.

Transfer of Securities through Transaction Order (T.O.)

Transfer of securities through Portfolio Transfer from IAS to Sub-Account is executed where UIN of all account holders are identical on the basis of T.O. For charges, please refer tariff schedule.

Transactions through Gift Deed

IAS Account Holder may gift securities to another IAS / Sub-Account Holder, provided that donor and donee are blood relatives having relation of father/mother/spouse/son/daughter/brother/sister. Gift deed as per the prescribed format along with duly filled and signed T.O. is required. For charges, please refer tariff schedule.

Pledge of Securities

Account Holder may pledge available security (ies) in favor of eligible pledge. Securities are lien marked on the instruction of Account Holder by submitting Securities Pledge Form.

Withdrawal of Securities

Account Holder may convert their securities from electronic to physical form. This instruction is sent to the relevant R/TA for issuance of physical certificates. R/TA dispatches certificates to the Account Holder on their registered address.


  • Duly filled and signed Securities Withdrawal Form.
  • Copies of CNIC / NICOP / Passport of Title Account Holder and all Joint Account Holders or Nominee, as applicable.
  • Copy of Zakat declaration.
  • Shares transfer stamps as per the prevailing rate.
  • For charges, please refer tariff schedule.

Unpaid Rights Subscription

Unpaid Right Subscription Request is subscribed on the instruction of Account Holder via following modes:

  • Duly signed letter submit at CDC offices
  • Registered email address on [email protected]
  • IVR
  • Fax on 021-34326031

Account Maintenance

After opening an IAS account, account holders can update the following details as per requirement:

Registration Details Update

  • Contact Details Update

For change of contact details i.e. contact number, local mobile number, email address etc. duly signed letter or Updation Form is required as per the operating instructions. For change of address in addition to the letter or Updation Form, documentary proof of address is also required for example CNIC / NICOP / Passport or utility bill etc. However Title Account Holder may personally visit along with original CNIC for change of address without any documentary proof.

  • Zakat Status Update

To update Zakat status as Zakat non-payable, letter or Updation Form along with notarized copy of Zakat Declaration is required.

  • Dividend Mandate Update

Dividend Mandate i.e. bank details for receiving dividend warrant directly into bank account is added/updated upon letter or Updation Form.

  • NTN Update

NTN is updated either upon receiving duly signed letter/Updation Form or by an email sent through registered email address on [email protected].

  • Signature Update

Physical presence is required along with original CNIC to update the record and for non-resident / foreign account duly signed signature card.

Issuance of Transaction Order (T.O.) Book

For issuance of new T.O. Book, duly signed requisition slip (available in previous issued T.O. Book) is required.

Loss Mark T.O. Book / T.O. Leave

Upon loss of T.O. Book / T.O. leave(s), intimate to CDC in writing by providing duly signed letter along with an undertaking on plain paper on prescribed format or visit at any CDC office along with original CNIC.


To update details in corporate account, duly signed letter is required on letterhead. Further, for signatory (ies) update, a board resolution is also required in addition to the letter.

Account Closing

Duly filled and signed Account Closing Request / Form.

Payment Mechanism

Investor Account Holder is required to maintain sufficient cash balance in IAS Account for smooth processing of transactions. Mode of payments is as follows:

  • Cash up to Rs. 5000/ or through instruments in favor of Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited paid at CDC offices or at designated branches of UBL. In case of payment through instrument, credit of net amount will be given upon realization of instrument.
  • Non-Resident Pakistanis / Foreigners can make payments directly to the CDC bank accounts, however credit will be given upon receiving email from registered email address on [email protected] and after necessary verification from bank.

For details please refer guidelines for payment of dues.

Value Added Services of IAS

By providing local mobile number and email address, you will start receiving alerts (SMS & eAlerts) on your transactions. Furthermore, you can access your account details anytime, anywhere with the CDC access account information portfolio which comprises of the following channels:

  • CDC access – IVR

A 24/7 Interactive Voice Response system supported by a state-of-the art call center, managed by trained and dedicated customer support staff (9am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday) through a toll free number 0800-23275 (CDCPL).

  • CDC access – Web

Investor Account holders can access account information through

  • CDC access – SMS

Gives an added level of convenience to investors by providing them their account info on their mobile screens.

  • CDC access – eAlert

Provides alert messages on real time basis about account related transactions in the email inbox of Investor Account Holders.

  • CDC access – eStatement

Account balance statement is sent to Investor Account holder’s mailing address on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on his / her choice.