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Centralized Information Sharing Solution for Insurance Industry (CISSII)

Centralized Information Sharing Solution for Insurance Industry (CISSII)


  • In order to achieve greater efficiencies and transparency in the Insurance Industry, it was important that more automation should be achieved and vital industry data should be made available on real time basis to all the stakeholders of the Insurance Industry including the Regulator
  • This automation and sharing of information was achieved through the Centralized Information Sharing Solution for Insurance Industry which provides a centralized database hosted by a neutral and independent institution, such as CDC, and which has a track record of managing secured and huge databases with state of the art infrastructure having built-in information security features.


Health Insurance Companies:

  1. Adamjee Insurance Company Limited
  2. Alfalah Insurance Company Limited
  3. Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited
  4. Askari General Insurance Company Limited
  5. Atlas Insurance Limited
  6. East West Insurance Company Limited
  7. Habib Insurance Company Limited
  8. IGI Life Insurance Limited
  9. Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited
  10. Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
  11. Century Insurance Company Limited
  12. Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited
  13. Premier Insurance Limited
  14. SPI Insurance Company Limited
  15. Takaful Pakistan Limited
  16. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited
  17. TPL Life Insurance Limited
  18. UBL Insurers Limited

Life Insurance Companies:

  1. Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited
  2. Dawood Family Takaful Limited
  3. EFU Life Assurance Limited
  4. IGI Life Insurance Limited
  5. Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
  6. Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited
  7. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
  8. TPL Life Insurance Limited
  9. Askari Life Assurance Company Limited


CISSII contains the following registers:

  1. Agency Register
  2. S-reference Register
  3. Claim Register
  4. Adverse Information Register
  5. Group Life Experience Register
  6. Centralized Policy Register

For more information on CISSII, call us at 0800-23275 (CDCPL).