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CDC Share Registrar Services Limited

CDC Share Registrar Services Limited


CDC Share Registrar Services Limited (CDCSR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC. It facilitates Share Issuing organizations and their shareholders.

CDCSR offers a composite portfolio of maintenance, registration, verification and direct customer dealing & interaction. It has developed a high-tech Share Accounting System with an exclusive Authority & Security Management System and workflow components to guarantee efficient services.

CDCSR has taken a competitive lead in the market for SRS by providing a one-window solution to shareholders, backed by a country-wide branch network and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Also, independent Legal and Internal Audit departments ensure statutory and regulatory compliances. Moreover, a fully functional Customer Support Services including a call center with a toll free number [0800-23275] and dedicated customer support team facilitates customers on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, the feature that gives real edge is its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) supported by backup sites and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure integrity of information and recovery of the service immediately in case of any disaster.

Scope of Service

Following are services that are being provided under the umbrella of CDCSR.

  • Maintenance of computerized Security holders’ Register.
  • Maintenance of specimen signatures of shareholders.
  • Dealing with Security holders through our offices, telephone, through mail and E-mail.
  • Verification of Security holders’ signatures on Transfer Deeds.
  • Process Physical Transfer of Securities, Deposit of Securities into CDS, Withdrawal of Securities from CDS and transmission of physical certificates / Securities etc.
  • Process Issuance of duplicate certificates and dividend warrants against appropriate indemnities and fulfillment of formalities.
  • Process Split / Consolidation / Renewal of certificates.
  • Process Dividend Entitlements and Payments to Security holders.
  • Process Bonus Securities issuance to Security holders with fractional securities payment.
  • Custody of undelivered certificates and dividend warrants, etc.
  • Preparation of reports related to the securities and Security holders for filling with Issuers / Regulators.
  • Taking attendance of Security holders in Annual General Meeting (AGM) / Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM).
  • Compliance of legal obligations as Share Registrar / Transfer Agent
  • Other standard Share Registrar department activities such as dispatch of Annual / Half Yearly Accounts, etc.


Please visit the offical CDCSR website for more details. Click here