Trustee & Custodial Services

Trustee & Custodial Services


In the early 2000s, the Mutual Fund industry started flourishing in the Pakistan Capital Market and provided a new concept and investment arena to retail and individual investors who possess inadequate knowledge of the capital market but are interested in utilizing its benefits. CDC recognizing the potential of this industry sector, launched Trustee & Custodial Services in 2002, initially with two open-ended mutual funds with net assets value of Rs. 500 million. Currently we are acting as a trustee of 193 Funds and 199 discretionary portfolios of various categories in Pakistan with total net assets of approximately Rs. 759 billion.

The Company, through its proactive approach and high standards of service, has become the market leader in the private sector with an 86% market share.

Collective Investment Schemes and Pension Funds

As a Trustee & Custodian, CDC takes into its custody all the assets of the Collective Investment Scheme/pension funds and holds them in trust on behalf of the unit/certificate holders and carries out instructions of Asset Management Companies (AMCs)/Pension Fund Managers (PFMs) in respect of the investment portfolio while ensuring Regulatory Compliances, protecting Unit Holder interests and maintaining Confidentiality & Resiliency in all manner.

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Portfolio

Keeping a keen view of the financial market and having understanding of the underlying demand for swift financial services, CDC has developed its custody operations for employees benefit funds, high net worth individuals and Separately Managed Corporate Portfolios. Currently, we are acting as a Custodian for 199 discretionary portfolios of various investment advisors/ investment agencies in Pakistan.

Scope of Services

The services provided by CDC as the Trustee/Custodian mainly includes:

  • Settlement of Investments including Equity, Debt, Money, and Commodity Markets
  • Taking Nominal Ownership of the Assets of the mutual funds
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Issuance of Trustee Report