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CDC Organizes Investment Road Show in Multan

 19th Dec 2015  /   Investor Awareness  /   0  Comments

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) organized an Investment Road Show in Multan in commemoration of the upcoming launch of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The event was endorsed by the Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and MCCI President, Mian Fareed Mughis Sheikh was present as the Guest of Honour at the occasion.

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Financial Literacy Workshops in Karachi and Lahore

 19th Nov 2015  /   Investor Awareness  /   0  Comments

CDC proudly spearheads the drive to promote the financial market by enhancing the understanding and awareness of actual and potential investors with regards to available investment opportunities.

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CDC Launches Abbottabad Sarmayakari Markaz

 12th Nov 2015  /   Customer Convenience  /   0  Comments

On November 12th 2015, Central Depository Company organized the soft launch of Abbottabad Sarmayakari Markaz (ASM) – Pakistan’s first ever Capital Market Business Hub.

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CDC introduces Online Transactions Reward Program

 01st Nov 2015  /   Customer Convenience  /   0  Comments

Online Transactions is a revolutionary service provided by CDC which allows Investor Account Holders to initiate Portfolio Transfers in real time directly through the CDC Access web portal without any paper work or manual effort.

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CDC celebrates 18th Anniversary of its operations

 03rd Sep 2015  /   Blog  /   0  Comments

The Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited celebrated the 18th anniversary of its operations on 3rd September, 2015. In honour of this momentous milestone, an event was held at a local hotel. The event was attended by prominent members of the Pakistan Capital Market as well as several other members of the corporate community.

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Japanese Delegation Visits CDC

 01st Sep 2015  /   Blog  /   0  Comments

A delegation from The Consulate General of Japan in Karachi and Pakistan Japan Business Forum visited the premises of the Central Depository Company of Pakistan.

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CDC introduces Limit on Assets under Custody Regime

 01st Sep 2015  /   Services  /   0  Comments

Establishment of CDC was a defining moment in the history of Pakistan Capital Market. Our inception brought operational transparency and reduced the risk of human error in capital market transactions by introducing various procedures and solutions, ultimately nurturing a protective environment for investors. Time and again we have been taking steps to widen the scope of protection provided to the investors.

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German Delegation Visits CDC

 23rd May 2015  /   Blog  /   0  Comments

A delegation from The Consulate General of Germany visited the premises of the Central Depository Company of Pakistan. The delegation was headed by Dr. Tilo Klinner, Consul General and he was accompanied by Mr. Hans-Juergen Paschke, Consul & Deputy Head of Mission and Mr. Peter Lartz, Consul.

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Insurance Repository Round-table held at CDC House

 22nd Apr 2015  /   Services  /   0  Comments

The first round-table meeting for the development of an Insurance Repository was held at CDC House on 22nd April, 2015 and was presided by the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Mr. Zafar-ul-Haq Hijazi. The Commissioner of Insurance Division, SECP, Mr. Fida Hussain Samoo, CEO – Central Depository Company (CDC), Mr. Muhammad Hanif Jakhura along with the management of CDC and senior representatives of the Insurance sector also participated in the inaugural meeting.

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CDC introduces Direct Settlement Services (DSS)

 01st Apr 2015  /   Services  /   0  Comments

CDC’s role is not only limited to the development of Capital Market but also extends to keeping it stable. In order to achieve his much desired stability in the market, investors’ protection must be ensured through continuous automation, risk management and innovation.

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State Life joins CISSII

 12th Mar 2015  /   Services  /   0  Comments

Pakistan’s largest life insurance company, State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan (SLIC), will formally join the Centralized Information Sharing Solution

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Investor Awareness Seminar

 03rd Mar 2015  /   Investor Awareness  /   0  Comments

The Central Depository Company of Pakistan conducted a series of Awareness Seminars in the northern parts of the country including Azad Kashmir. The seminars were aimed at enhancing the awareness of investors and business students with respect to investor protection and the general operations of CDC and the capital market.

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Central Depository Company becomes Pakistan’s first ISO22301 certified company

 19th Feb 2015  /   Blog  /   0  Comments

CDC has become Pakistan’s first and only organization to be certified with the ISO22301 international standard for its Business Continuity Management program. This certification has been awarded by SGS Pakistan and accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service after series of comprehensive audits.

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CDC becomes Trustee of Dolmen City REIT

 19th Feb 2015  /   Services  /   0  Comments

February 19, 2015 marked yet another monumental event when the Central Depository Company and Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited signed a trust deed declaring CDC as the Trustee of Pakistan’s first REIT scheme.

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CDC launches Online Transactions Service

 01st Feb 2015  /   Customer Convenience  /   0  Comments

CDC Access is a customer focused service package which gives you the benefit of accessing vital account information with ease and convenience at anytime from anywhere. This package currently comprises of CDC Access IVR, Web, SMS, eStatement and eAlert.

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CDC introduces eDividend facility

 09th Jan 2015  /   Customer Convenience  /   0  Comments

The Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited became the pioneering institution in Pakistan to introduce innovative concepts in Share Registrar Services to facilitate the shareholders.

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CDC’s Trusteeship assets exceed Rs. 500 Billion

 01st Jan 2015  /   Blog  /   0  Comments

In 2002, CDC launched its Trustee and Custodial services, serving only one AMC with two mutual funds; having net assets of Rs. 500 Million. Since then, it has been a long, challenging and rewarding ride for CDC’s T&C services. Over a span of these 13 years, CDC’s T&C services gained momentum and transformed into a well-established, highly respected, and most preferred service provider in the trustee and custodial services domain.

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Chairman SECP visits CDC

 01st Jan 2015  /   Blog  /   0  Comments

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Chairman, Mr. Zafar ul Haq Hijazi visited the CDC Head Office in Karachi on Saturday, 17th January, 2015. Mr. Hijazi was accompanied by Mr. Zafar Abdullah, Commissioner – Securities Market Division-SECP and Mr. Imran Panjwani – Executive Director, Securities Market Division-SECP.

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