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CDC launches eDividend Repository

 14th Dec 2017  /   Services  /   1  Comments

For more than two decades, Central Depository Company pf Pakistan Limited (CDC) has been spearheading initiatives to bring technological reforms in Capital Market practices. These reforms add efficiency and transparency to the processes and offer greater convenience to the investors of Capital Market. One such recent initiative is the launch of an eDividend Repository.

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CDC organizes 14th WFC Conference in Hong Kong

 20th Nov 2017  /   Blog  /   1  Comments

CDC has strived to build quality international collaborations and get Pakistan Capital Market recognized in international arena. These collaborations have created layers of opportunities for our Capital and Financial Markets globally and has made CDC a globally recognized entity in the international Securities’ Industry.

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CEO-CDC selected Vice Chairman of ACG

 20th Nov 2017  /   Blog  /   1  Comments

Mr. Aftab Ahmad Diwan, CEO – CDC, was selected Vice Chairman of Executive Committee of Asia Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG).This honor came to Pakistan in the 14th World Forum of CSDs (WFC 2017) Conference recently held in Hong Kong.

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CDC awarded IPO Market Innovation Award – 2016/2017

 27th Oct 2017  /   Blog  /   1  Comments

CDC has always been prompt to adopt new approaches and mechanisms for growth and development of Pakistan Capital Market. To achieve a similar purpose, CDC had launched its Centralized eIPO System (CES) in the beginning of 2017, to bring greater efficiency in the IPO application process and ease for the Capital Market investors. In recognition of its effort to develop and implement an electronic IPO system, CDC was awarded the IPO Market Innovation Award-2016/2017 at SAFE PSX Pakistan IPO SUMMIT 2017, held in Lahore in October 2017.

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Understanding the REIT Business

 15th Sep 2017  /   Investor Awareness  /   1  Comments

REIT is a mutual fund that focuses on investment in properties and real estate and derives income from such investments for its unit holders who are individuals as well as corporates/ institutions. REIT Scheme is a listed closed end scheme registered with SECP under REIT Regulations 2015. REITs in Pakistan have a trust structure. The trust structure consists of trustees, the REIT Management Company (RMC) and unit holders.

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CDC offers Sub Account opening facility through Banks across Pakistan

 10th Sep 2017  /   Services  /   1  Comments

CDC has played a vital role in providing opportunities of easy access to Capital Market for the common investor. Continuing with this resolve to increase Capital Market outreach and convenience for retail investors, CDC initiated the drive to encourage banks to offer Sub Account Opening facility through their branches.

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IBAN now a mandatory requirement for maintaining account with CDC

 01st Sep 2017  /   Services  /   1  Comments

CDC’s core purpose is to automate Capital Market processes and make mechanisms smooth and efficient. In pursuance of this aim, the Company had been working towards introducing electronic disbursement of dividends mechanism by utilizing modern banking channels.

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CDC reduces Investor Account Annual Maintenance Fee

 20th Jun 2017  /   Customer Convenience  /   1  Comments

Central Depository Company’s (CDC) products and services are developed to facilitate Capital Market investors and promote investor protection. Over the years, the Company has taken a series of landmark initiatives to encourage and assist investors in their day to day activities. In line with this aim, CDC has drastically reduced the annual maintenance fee for its Investor Account by 27 percent, effective from July 2017.

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ITMinds Limited signs agreement with Atlas Asset Management for Back Office Accounting Services

 30th May 2017  /   Services  /   1  Comments

Since its formation, ITMinds Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited) has committed itself to providing IT consultancy and implementation services to both local and international organizations with its network expanding to Middle East and Africa. The company introduced unparalleled back office services in recent past.

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CDC organizes Investor Awareness Seminar for National Press Club and Rawalpindi and Islamabad Tax Bar Association

 27th Apr 2017  /   Investor Awareness  /   1  Comments

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC), in collaboration with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) organized an investor awareness seminar, for journalists and media representatives, at the National Press Club Islamabad on April 27, 2017.

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CDC organizes first-ever Pakistan Capital Market Expo in Peshawar

 26th Apr 2017  /   Investor Awareness  /   1  Comments

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC), in collaboration with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and other Capital Market entities, organized the first-ever Pakistan Capital Market Expo in Peshawar. Mr. Haji Muhammad Afzal, KPCCI President, was present as the Chief Guest at the occasion.

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Central Depository Company and 1Link sign an agreement for processing of payments for Centralized eIPO system

 01st Apr 2017  /   Customer Convenience  /   1  Comments

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited and 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited recently signed an agreement for processing of payments as part of the Centralized eIPO System, at CDC House. The agreement was signed by Mr. Aftab Diwan, CEO – CDC and Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla, CEO – 1LINK. Mr. Shahid Nasim – Executive Director, SECP, Mr. Khurram Gul Agha – Director and Chairman BD Committee, 1LINK & Head of IT and Transaction Banking Faysal Bank, Mr. Arshad Khan – Senior Joint Director, SBP and Mr. Muhammad Ali Sario – Joint Director, SBP, were also present on this occasion, with team members.

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NBFI and Modarba Association of Pakistan Partner with CDC for Abbottabad Sarmayakari Markaz

 01st Feb 2017  /   Blog  /   1  Comments

The NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan has entered into an agreement with Central Depository Company (CDC) to open an office at the Abbottabad Sarmayakari Markaz (ASM) for providing Investor Education and Awareness of the sector and expand outreach of its members to the residents of Abbottabad and the surrounding cities of Haripur, Mansehra, and Balakot etc.

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CDC conducts Investor Awareness Seminars in upcountry

 03rd Jan 2017  /   Investor Awareness  /   1  Comments

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited conducted another series of Investor Awareness Seminars in the northern parts of the country including Azad Kashmir.

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